What is TextDrips?

TextDrips is a software program that has a robust series of features. We created it to solve a variety of problems that we were seeing in our own business. Particularly, we realized the amount of time it was taking to follow up with our potential leads. In addition, we had a hard time tracking where our leads were coming from. Our program is designed as a customer relationship manager (CRM) with a focus on communication. It allows you to send text messages (SMS and MMS), ringless voicemails (RVM), and emails directly from the system. Further, it allows you to create campaigns (a series of messages) specific to your needs. 

Tired of leaving the same voicemails over and over again? That was one of the main reasons we created TextDrips. Now you can deliver voicemails with the click of a mouse.  Click the button below to get started today!

Why do i need textDrips?

TextDrips was created for companies that generate a large number of leads, and need assistance managing and communicating with those leads. This program allows sales professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs to effectively communicate and advertise to a large number of prospects with the click of a mouse. It also allows you to create custom workflows to work in the background. This is important, because as a business owner when you get busy your prospecting may stop. When that happens, your whole business can come to a screeching halt. Keeping that pipeline full is critical to successful businesses. 

Multiple phone numbers allows you to track ads and double down on what is working. Spending money on effective ads is key 

95% of SMS/MMS messages are seen within the first 5 minutes. That type of response rate is unmatched.  

Imagine being able to drop pre-recorded voicemails directly into your customers voicemails with the click of a mouse. 

Custom keywords allow customers to opt in to events, deals, ads, and more. Keywords can be very useful in starting campaigns.

A series of messages scheduled to go out at future dates. These can be initiated by calls, webforms, and keywords.

Callers can hear a custom greeting and press numbers for the specific department they want. Cuts down on unwanted calls. 

How much is textDrips?

Users of TextDrips pay a monthly fee to use the service. Our base package starts at $149/month, and allows users to send up to 4,000 sms/mms messages, or 500 Ringless Voicemails, or a combination of both. It’s based on a credit system. The starter plan gives you 1,000 credits per month. As a business owner, you need to always look at the cost/benefit of things. With TextDrips, you can save hours per day automating your lead follow up. Even if it’s 5 hours per week, that’s 20 hours per month that you could be doing other beneficial things. It works out to less than $8 per hour saved. Not to mention, if you get one extra client per week, that can mean a massive increase in revenue. TextDrips will give you MORE time, AND more revenue. It’s a win-win. 

Ready to supercharge your business?

Getting started with TextDrips is easy. Just click the button below, enter in your payment/business information, and start sending campaigns today! Stop wasting time leaving voicemails, manually sending text messages, and start scaling your business. You are in control of your destiny! 

TextDrips.com Prides itself on helping business owners take back control. Using SMS, RVM, and Email to connect with your customers and clients is more important than ever. By scaling and “touching” more prospects, your business can grow.

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