School Messaging with TextDrips

Back in the day, schools used to rely solely on flyers, emails, or student’s word of mouth in order to distribute necessary information. Nowadays, however, everything’s changed. As technology continues to provide us with new opportunities day by day, it’s allowed TextDrips to provide you with new, easy-to-use text messaging systems so you’re able to increase communication, and quickly get started in school SMS messaging.

Why Send School SMS Messages?

To be able to ensure that community members are fully up to date with vital information, it’s absolutely essential to send any communication through a convenient channel. For elementary schools, high schools, and universities, sending SMS messages can provide you with many advantages:

  • They can be used to send out useful information and notices that are need-to-know. For example, you can inform parents about the date their children’s grades will be released, to remind them to sign permission forms, or even inform them of any upcoming holidays.
  • Report emergencies, send out security-related bulletins, and you’re able to inform of any days the school is closed for things like a snow day, as well as any other issues.
  • SMS messaging can help you to organize meetings and fill up the room when it comes to the day. You can organize group sessions, or private one-to-ones quickly and easily.
  • If you’re looking to promote a course, then SMS messaging is perfect. You can send out texts to let parents or students know that your education center is providing courses, events, or seminars.

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Benefits of Text Messaging for Schools

As you make use of the advantages above and you begin to adopt text messaging for your school or university with the help of a platform like TextDrips, you’ll find that your communication will grow much stronger while in addition, experiencing the benefits listed below:

  • You’re able to communicate quickly – When it comes to information about their children, parents will not take a delay in communication lightly. Weather delays? A safety concern within school grounds? Parents and guardians will always feel much more comfortable hearing it directly from the school themselves first, and it will also help in building trust.
  • No more ‘lost’ paperwork – Elementary, middle, high school – it’s all the same. Relying on children to carry important notices home without losing them is a lost cause in itself. Often enough, they don’t even make it to the backpack. When you use SMS messaging you’re able to transform to the digital world, thus meaning no letters will be lost again.
  • Keep your audience engaged – Did you know that people nowadays are 5 times more likely to respond to a text message rather than an email? This means that if you’re looking to raise money by reaching out to your school’s community, you’ll find using SMS messaging makes it much easier.
  • Forget about emails! – A lot of schools operate in areas of poverty and for some, internet access for emails may not be available.  However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have a phone. Nowadays, it’s actually very unlikely you’ll find a person without one.

Who Can Send School SMS Texts?

School SMS can be used by a variety of groups tied to the education system. From parents, relatives, teachers, administrators, and even the student themselves, to keep the steady school train moving, everybody has to be involved, and everybody needs access to the most important information.

  • Easy organizing – Do you have parents in the PTA or organizing a school fundraiser? School SMS services can assist in saving parents a ton of time in going over details to make things happen.
  • Don’t forget the fee – Schools will never have to chase parents to pay fees again. From fairs to field trips, you’re able to avoid missed deadlines by reminding parents with an SMS text to pay for an upcoming planned trip.
  • SMS for students – After school clubs, sports, whatever activity it may be, you can use SMS messaging to update school teams on assignments and scheduling.
  • SMS for teachers – As being a teacher comes with a lot of responsibility, they require the right tools in order to be able to do their jobs correctly. SMS messaging has the ability to enhance parent-teacher along with parent-student communication.

Education SMS Messaging: Key Terms

When using Education SMS messages, it needs to be done right. Understanding the key terms is absolutely vital when looking to get the word out properly. To help out, we’ve listed an overview of a few words below:

Short Message Service – Or for short, SMS. It’s the original form of text messaging and till now, still remains the most standard.

MMS – (Multimedia Message Service) allows you to send messages that contain an image, video, or audio.

SMS Keywords – SMS keywords are used by subscribers to text to opt-in or interact with your messaging service. They’re unique combinations of letters and numbers and are best used when kept short and memorable as it helps ensure successful subscriptions.

Templates – As an educator, you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Templates are so useful when it comes to wanting to deliver a standard message time and time again. You’re able to choose to customize them, or just send them as they are.

Campaigns – Your campaign is very important when dealing with SMS keywords. Your message should promote purpose and interaction. When you send your initial outreach text, make sure it’s information is valid and worth their time.

Subscribers – Parents, teachers or students that have opted in to receive updates.

Tagging – When you use school SMS, you’re able to group a portion of subscribers into segments. To give you an example, you can organize a list of parents for individual classrooms to a specific tag so that they can receive updates that pertain to their students’ class and teacher.


How to Start Sending School Text Messages

bulletin board, stickies, post-it
Now that we know implementing SMS messaging within your education system comes with so many benefits, how do you get started? Follow TextDrips steps below to get yourself set up in no time!
  1. Find and sign up to the best SMS marketing platform – There are many SMS messaging platforms out there, but none like TextDrips. You’re free to do your research but we can guarantee that nobody will provide you with a more seamless experience than us.
  2. Upload your current contact list – If you’re already armed with your list of subscribers, go ahead and upload them to your SMS marketing platform. With their consent of course.
  3. Get your templates ready – Save time by compiling a list of text templates! Use again and again instead of creating a new one every single time.
  4. It’s time to introduce your SMS keyword – As we showed you earlier, select a relevant campaign keyword and send it out to your contact list in order to reel in those subscribers. Looking for even more? Promote your SMS keyword as much as you can on all social platforms in order to drive more traffic and collect more subscribers.
  5. You’re ready! – Hit that send button and brace yourself for subscriber heaven.

Types of School Messaging Systems

There are a number of scenarios in which sending school SMS messages may be useful. You can use them for reasons like:
  • Student-teacher conference notifications
  • School closure due to bad weather
  • PTA notices
  • Field trip reminders
  • Report card reminders
  • Upcoming events
  • Relaying forms
  • College admission
  • Cafeteria menu updates
  • Fundraising donation links
  • Notice of an emergency

Sending School SMS Messages With TextDrips

By using the TextDrips SMS messaging platform, you’ll never lack the right communication skills again. We’ve already given you the tools in order to be able to understand what a school messaging system is, and now, we’re going to give you the tools to take action. With TextDrips’ robust SMS messaging system, we’ll look after your communication, so you can look after your students.