Retail Text Message Marketing

Are you looking to drive long term relationships with your customers? Retail text message marketing provides you with a simple way to provide personalized product updates to all of your loyal customers with ease. Do you own a small boutique? Are you an automotive dealer? No matter what you sell within the retail industry, retail text message marketing is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Shoppers are continuously bombarded with the most irrelevant retail content and promotions, so why not grab potential customer attention by winning their business with multichannel brand experiences?

Use TextDrips SMS messaging platform for all of your retail text message marketing needs and drive your retail business to success by increasing your basket revenue, building customer loyalty, and attracting new customers while retaining your current.

What is Retail Text Message Marketing?

Retail text message marketing is the process of using your mobile phone to send SMS messages to your customers in order to start meaningful conversations. If you work within the retail industry, you’re able to use TextDrips retail text message marketing solution to interact with your customers by sending them special offers, mobile coupons, or to inform them of any upcoming events. Retail text message marketing isn’t something as simple as just sending texts out. There are a wide range of techniques you can use to attract your customers. This can include things like:
  • Mass Texting – Mass texting refers to a communication service that gives businesses the ability to send bulk SMS messages to thousands of customers’ mobile devices. It saves a lot of time and effort by allowing one message to be broadcasted to a large number of people all at once. Mass texting is highly used in the retail industry. Retail businesses all over the world use it to send promotions, daily text message updates, sweepstakes, and a whole bunch of special offers! With automated text messaging, you’re even able to schedule texts in advance
  • Business Texting – Business texting tends to focus more on personal, individualized content. This enables a more direct, one-on-one communication between the sender and receiver.
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Benefits of Retail Text Message Marketing

There are several benefits of incorporating retail text message marketing into your business marketing strategy.

  1. It allows you to keep in touch with your customers
    Whether you choose to use mass texting or business texting, your goal stands the same; you want to get in touch with your customers. Both techniques have proven so popular amongst retailers as the service promotes communication, and of course, a sales boost.
  2. Cost-effective compared to other marketing campaigns
    Retail text message marketing is super easy to set up, and extremely cost-effective compared to other marketing methods such as radio, television, newsletters, or social media. SMS marketing gives you the opportunity to be able to reach up to 100,000 current or potential customers with a clear and concise promotional message in as little as 160 characters.
  3. Improve customer response rate
    When you compare SMS marketing to other forms of marketing campaigns, you’ll be shocked at the results. Studies show that when customers are contacted via SMS, they’re not only more likely to open and read your message, but they’re even more likely to respond and remember it. Just imagine how many people in the US own a mobile, and how many of those people are stuck to their phones. With retail text message marketing, you’re able to communicate with your customers wherever they are in the world, and they can respond to you when away from home or the office. And, unlike social media or email, where messages can get easily lost or thrown into junk, SMS messages are sent directly to the recipient’s inbox.
  4. Targeted communication
    Rollback the clock 10 or so years ago, and you’d find retail owners dreaming about reaching the targeted demographic audience of their store. Today, however, retail text message marketing proves to be much more effective and gives you the ability to choose which customers you tailor your promotional campaign to.

How to Use Retail Text Message Marketing

Retailers are able to use SMS marketing in a variety of ways, we already showed you some examples of business and mass texting earlier, but let’s take a look at some others so we’re able to get a full view:

Loyalty Programs

If your retail business has a loyalty program, then you’re able to treat your customers to exclusive benefits. This creates a subscriber service which ultimately keeps your customers coming back for more, and makes them feel special at the same time.

New Product Alert

Most of your customers are stuck to their phones. So, if you have a new product that you’re excited to show off, retail text message marketing is the best way to let your customers know.

Gathering Subscribers for Retail Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Convincing customers to subscribe to your retail texting campaign doesn’t have to be hard, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. First things first, send an easy code and integrate a keyword. It can be something as simple as ‘’Reply to this message with the word OFFERS to 487487 to receive only the most exclusive offers.’’
  2. Make sure that the business number you use is SMS-enabled. If you’re not sure on how to do this, TextDrip’s support team can help you out. Just send us a message!
  3. Let your customers know that they can now subscribe to your SMS program, and advise of the benefits that come with it. You can do this by either adding a web sign up form to your website and begin inviting customers to share their phone number. Or, you’re able to display it all over social media, receipts, flyers, and signs around your store. You can even train your staff to ask customers if they have already signed up.

How to Start Sending Retail Text Messages

By now, you’re definitely ready to start sending retail texts. The best part? It’s simple. Here’s how to get started:

  • Find a Text Marketing Platform – Your biggest concern is finding a reputable company that can best suit your company’s needs. At TextDrip, we provide you with all of the tools needed to successfully drive more traffic to your business. We believe in communication, and we want to
    help people spread their message through SMS marketing. Interested? Start your journey with us and we’ll waive your $100 sign-up fee!
  • Upload Current List of Contacts – Grab your list of contacts you managed to get by using the steps we gave you in the last paragraph, and upload them to your personalized TextDrips database.
  • Gather Text Templates – Imagine that every time you want to send out a new text, you have to type it completely from scratch. Who has the time, right? Don’t waste your valuable time on writing the same thing again and again, create some SMS templates and you’ll be able to send out tailored messages to thousands of people in a heartbeat.
  • Figure Out What Your Keyword Campaign Will Be – Setting up a keyword is an important part of the SMS marketing process. But the good thing is, it’s easy. All you have to do is pick a word like ‘’STORE’’ and customers will be able to send it in a text message to you, which ultimately allows them to opt-in to your retail marketing messages.
  • Promote Your Keyword – Use your website, your social media platforms, or your store to promote your keywords. You can either put it in a banner on your website, in your bio on Instagram, or pin it to your page on Facebook and promote it.
  • It’s Texting Time! – Your moment has finally arrived, you’re ready to become a retail text message marketing guru! It’s time to choose your desired template, target audience, and hit that send button.