Restaurant Text Message Solutions

How Are Restaurants Using SMS Marketing?

When it comes to restaurant marketing, the overall goal is to get customers into your culinary palace so that you’re able to drive sales. This is no different when it comes to restaurants using SMS marketing. SMS marketing is essentially used for the same purpose – to get customers into your restaurant, and once again, drive sales. The message stands the same any way you look at it, but how do you use restaurant SMS marketing?

Well, the first thing you have to realize is that in the United States, we have something called the Telephone Consumer Protect Act, or for short, TCPA. It’s a federal law and it essentially states that any business has to first get the permission from their customers in order to be able to send them text message offers.

Not to worry though, this is actually pretty easy. All it requires is a customer to take out their phone, and send an SMS keyword to opt-in. This can be something like ‘’PASTAFOREVER’’ to your number. What this does is allows your customers to opt-in, essentially giving you permission to send them text messages offers.

Why Should You Use TextDrips for Your Restaurants?

Let’s face it, people use their smartphones for everything. Looking for something to eat? Google a nice place and be presented with hundreds or even thousands of options depending on where you live. Want somebody to come and eat with you? A 1-second message or phone call can get you some company instantly.

People nowadays are so intertwined with their phones. So much so, that studies show people on average spend a whopping 5+ hours browsing. All of this means one thing – SMS marketing represents the perfect channel to reach out to potential or existing customers. When you use a platform like TextDrips, you’re able to create SMS campaigns that are tailored to your customers. Thus meaning, your restaurant will always stay at the forefront of conversations.

Benefits of TextDrips for Restaurants

  • Save cash on failed marketing techniques – There really is no need to spend another cent on different types of marketing techniques. When you have instant access to a consumers messaging platform, why on earth would you try to show up on a news feed where your message can get lost in translation between hundreds of other promotional offers? 
  • Keep track of your analytics – The right SMS marketing platform will provide you with unique analytics that you won’t find available elsewhere. Like TextDrip for example. By using our service, you have access to vital information in order to be able to drive traffic to your restaurant. You can find out how customers are interacting with your restaurant text alerts, and we provide you with actionable information to make sure your next offer will provide you with a boost in sales.
  • Instant contact is made from the moment you press send – Studies show that 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent.
    • Never lose a coupon again – Who prints coupons out anymore, right? Nowadays, everything is right within the little world on our mobile device. Any coupons sent to customers through SMS messaging means that they’re theirs to keep.
    • Promotes a more personal connection – As you usually use SMS messaging to connect with your loved ones, they tend to represent a more personal method of communication. Now, however, your restaurant is able to join in on the conversation. This makes sure that you build relationships with your loyal customers by staying in touch often. 
    • Easy as 1,2,3 – Using restaurant SMS marketing isn’t just easy for your restaurant, but for your customers too. With TextDrip, you have your templates, you have your campaign suggestions, and you have incredible software. All meaning that simple yet powerful marketing is already yours for the taking.

How to use textDrips for your restaurant

The possibilities are endless when it comes to text marketing for restaurants. Due to this, it’s easy to see why so many businesses around the world are implementing SMS messaging platforms into their many marketing solutions. If you’re just getting started in SMS marketing and you’re looking for ideas on what to promote, we’ve compiled a list for you below:

  • Run a competition 
  • Announce your restaurant opening 
  • Convince customers to join loyalty programs by providing them with discounts 
  • Invite them to a special upcoming event 
  • Advise of new opening times 
  • If their table is ready, send them a text 
  • Reservation confirmation

The Key Terms of Text Marketing for Restaurants

In order to be successful in SMS marketing, you first must understand what the key terms are: 

    • SMS – Short messaging service. Allows you to be a part of the SMS marketing world, and has been around since pretty much the beginning. 
    • MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service. This allows you to include images, videos, or audio clips in your messages. 
    • Keywords – Your keywords should be based on letters and numbers as shown in the example above. 
    • Campaigns – In restaurant marketing, it’s absolutely vital to use campaigns. This gives purpose, and a reason for customers to interact with your promotions. 
    • Subscribers – They’re the loyal customers that have signed up to receive your messages. As they have opted in, you’re able to keep them in your contacts for future advertisements. 
    • Segments – You can use segments to target certain crowds. You’re able to have multiple segments all ranging from alcoholic drink advertisements to a kids-eat-free night.
    • Templates – No time wasted on writing from scratch. Use pre-scripted restaurant marketing templates to send to your customer base. 
    • Autoresponders – Set up auto-response to easily reply to customers that have interacted with your restaurant in some way. An example of this would be to welcome them to your loyalty subscription or to say thank you for joining. 

How to Start Sending Restaurant Text Messages

Now that you know what benefits come with sending restaurant marketing text messages, you’re one step closer to being able to send out your first message. There are just a few things you have to do before that: 

  • Find and sign up to the best SMS marketing platform – There are many SMS messaging platforms out there, but none like TextDrips. You’re free to do your research but we can guarantee that nobody will provide you with a more seamless experience than us. 
  • Upload your current contact list – If you’re already armed with your list of subscribers, go ahead and upload them to your SMS marketing platform. With their consent of course. 
  • Get your templates ready – Save time by compiling a list of text templates! Create a template, or choose one, and use it again and again instead of creating a new one every single time. 
  • It’s time to introduce your keyword – Select a relevant campaign keyword and send it out to your contact list in order to reel in those subscribers. Looking for even more? Promote your keyword as much as you can on all social platforms in order to drive more traffic and collect more subscribers. 
  • You’re ready! – Hit that send button and brace yourself for subscriber heaven. 

SMS Text Marketing for Restaurants: Disclaimers

As we mentioned earlier, there are rules and regulations in place when it comes to getting in touch with your customers. Specifically, there’s an organization called CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) that represents the U.S. wireless communications industry. CTIA states that all SMS marketing programs must include the disclaimer ‘’message and data rates may apply’’ as well as clear language on how a subscriber can opt out. 

You should at the very least, include disclaimers in your initial opt-in message. At TextDrips, we’ll help guide you through each process necessary in order to make sure that you remain compliant with all regulations. We are not attorneys, so this should not be viewed as legal advice. 

Start Restaurant SMS Marketing with TextDrips Today!

TextDrips is beginning to lead the way in SMS marketing, and we already serve as many restaurants’ top choice for SMS messaging. This is due to our simple to use software, along with all of our unique features. We give you the tools required in order to stay in control of and grow your restaurant empire.