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Top Producing Real Estate Agents 395 Day Automated Follow Up Guide

With TextDrips revolutionary program, you can capture and automate your lead follow up. Professional agents know that follow up is the key to success in Real Estate. Send voicemails, texts, and emails individually or in a mass blast. 

TextDrips Features:

Multiple phone numbers allows you to track ads and double down on what is working. Spending money on effective ads is key

95% of SMS/MMS messages are seen within the first 5 minutes. That type of response rate is unmatched.
Imagine being able to drop pre-recorded voicemails directly into your customers voicemails with the click of a mouse.

Triple your lead capacity with TextDrips

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This guide will lay out 395 days worth of follow up. Having a system in place to follow up with people is critical in today’s world. Your competitors are doing this now. Make this your year. Stop playing small with your career and start dominating. Agents using our system have tripled their effective lead capacity. Imagine what your business would look like with 3 times the leads! 

FREE Guide: 395 Day Real Estate Agent Follow up Guide

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FREE Guide: 395 Day Real Estate Agent Follow Up Guide

This guide combined with textDrips will increase lead capacity 300%

Real Estate is by far one of the most competitive industries out there. So many agents spend thousands of dollars paying for leads, but don’t have any systems in place to follow up with those leads. We are peeling the curtains back on what some of the top agents are doing (word for word). Being able to cram and manage 3X the leads will lead your business to success. It’s a numbers and follow up game, and we help you increase your ability to do both.