TextDrips for Real Estate

TextDrips will help you maximize and automate your lead follow up. This program will revolutionize how you follow up with prospective sellers, buyers, lenders, title companies, and investors. Ready to supercharge your real estate business? Click the button to get started today! 

Tired of Leaving the same voicemails over and over again? Now you can deliver voicemails with the click of a mouse.

This is an industry we specialize in, simply because of our past experiences. We spent a lot of time developing the program to help agents, brokers, and investors. Since it is typically a very large transaction, there is often A LOT of follow up. Buyers, and sellers usually don’t make a decision from the first contact, and sending texts, voicemails, and emails, can swamp an agent. Having a jammed up pipeline can cost you a fortune. 

Do you ever feel like you are insanely busy, have a massive income month, only to find the next month your business has dried up? 

That’s what we set out to solve. One of the main reasons that happens, is we focus heavily on prospecting when our pipeline is empty. Spending hours per day advertising, following up, setting appointments, and making call. Then, once we land a bunch of business prospecting takes a back seat. 

The smartest Realtors, Brokers, and Investors are using real estate text message marketing to increase revenue, close more deals, and decrease time on the phone. SMS messages are often read within minutes, in real estate that can be the difference between success or failure. 

Why Should You Use TextDrips For Your Real Estate Company?

Everything in real estate is time sensitive. If someone doesn’t get your email at the right time, you could potentially lose a deal. With SMS, 95% of messages are read within the first 5 minutes. Response times get cut down simply because of the fact that it is easier to use, AND preferred by most people. 

One specifically targeted buyer, seller, or partner message can increase revenue for the whole year. TextDrips platform is personalized, fast, and intuitive. 

A few of the features that TextDrips offers:

  1. Custom Call Tree: Make sure calls get to the right people on your sales team. Buyers and sellers can be directed as needed, or transferred to your transaction coordinator. 
  2. Ringless Voicemails: Pre-record voicemails and send them in a blast, or to individual leads.
  3. Bulk SMS: Send messages to contacts that you select or have tagged
  4. Campaigns: This feature allows you to organize a sequence of messages to go out at specific time intervals.
  5. Webforms: Create custom webforms to upload onto your site to collect lead data. These are then used to initiate campaigns.

Examples of How to Use textDrips

  1. Create a webform in the system, and upload it into your website. 
  2. Create a campaign that will be started when the webform is completed.
  3. Attract visitors to your website to complete webform 
  4. Tag is applied to that person, and the campaign is started 
  5. You could create the campaign to send messages as follows:
  6. Initial message sent immediately – Thank you for inquiring about our listing presentation. We look forward to helping you out. To get started, what is the property address you were hoping to sell? Is there a good time for me to call you? 
  7. 3 hours later – Hi, just wanted to let you know we are having a special on our listing packages. When you sign up this month, we will include professional photos and a staging consultation. 
  8. 24 hours later – Did you know? Our company is one of the top real estate brokerages in the area. Text SELL if you are ready to get your home sold
  9. The keyword sell could start it’s own campaign. 
  10. Another option if you have a buyers list is to arrange them in their price ranges.. So say you have 40 buyers interested in homes between $190k-$210k
  11. You can create an SMS message with the listing details of a home that matches that search criteria. 
  12. Then, send an SMS blast to each of the people in that list.

How to get started with textDrips

  1. Click the Button Below
  2. Choose your plan
  3. Enter your payment/business information
  4. Choose a phone number in your area
  5. Start creating campaigns