Making follow up easy, precise, and on schedule.

We created TextDrips to allow business owners to follow up with potential customers/clients, without spending dozens of hours per week. We know that most business relationships do not start at the first contact. By creating a custom work flow that works for your business, you can connect with more clients regularly, and win more business.

Key Features Of TextDrips

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Create Custom Workflows

Receive Leads

Automate Follow-Up

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Incoming Caller Tagging

Tagging incoming, and/or missed calls allows you to respond
immediately to potential leads, and schedule phone calls at a later time.

Create Message Templates

Create custom email and SMS templates with merge functionality. This makes creating campaigns easy, and lightning fast. 

Create Custom Campaigns

Creating a campaign specific to your business flows and processes will allow you to automate contacting potential customers. By doing this, you can contact more potential customers and grow your business.

Send Ringless Voicemails

Ringless voicemails are pre-recorded messages that drop directly into the recipients of your choice’s mailbox. These can also be scheduled into your custom workflow and campaigns. Unlock the freedom of clicking to drop a voicemail, and waiting for your prospects to call you back. 

Call forwarding

Forward calls to yourself or agents based on specific tags or actions. If you have multiple numbers for tracking leads you want to make sure those calls get answered by agents.

Call Tree capability

Having a call tree can get incoming calls to the right person fast. Allowing your small business to appear like larger corporations.

Recording incoming calls and notification of recording

If your business needs to record calls for training or legal purposes, our system can do that too!

Multiple Phone Numbers

If you are running multiple campaigns it can be confusing to know which lead sources are working. By tracking your calls you can double down on what is generating leads.


Initial Account Creation: $100


$149 /Month

1,000 Credits*


$249 /Month

2,000 Credits*


$499 /Month

5,000 Credits*

Credit Breakdown

1 SMS (Text Message) = .25 Credit
1 Voice Minute = .5 Credit
1 Ringless Voicemail Drop = 2 Credits
1 Recorded Minute = 1 Credit

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TextDrips.com Prides itself on helping business owners take back control. Using SMS, RVM, and Email to connect with your customers and clients is more important than ever. By scaling and “touching” more prospects, your business can grow.

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