Enterprise Text Messaging with TextDrips

Enterprise texting is a great way for businesses to leverage SMS marketing and can help to scale business to customer communication. Not only that, but enterprise SMS and RVM is one of the best ways to improve customer relationships. While TextDrip focuses on many industries, one of our favorites is enterprise. We love giving businesses the advantages they need to stand out from the crowd through modern SMS communication.

Enterprise-Level Functionality

TextDrip focuses on securely sharing information and giving access to the right teams, to automated messaging and segmentation, we’re fully equipped with a system designed to help grow your enterprise

Scalable, Secure Solutions

Our user-friendly interface will help even the most technophobic employee to navigate with ease. You’re only limited to how big your audience is.

Enterprise Text Messaging Platform Features

TextDrip offers so many features, and all have a key purpose: communication. Communication is king. Whether it’s between businesses and their customers or businesses-to-business, our productive features will provide you with all the tools you need to thrive.
  • Role-Based Access: TextDrip allows you to give permission to each user, and is fully customizable. We help ensure your business security, and that your information only goes to the right people.
  • Mass Group SMS Communication: One text message – thousands of people. And all within seconds. Ultimately saving you time and money.
  • Automatic SMS Replies: The ultimate texting solutionWith our automated system, your customers are able to reply to a keyword of your choosing with ease. As we know that business needs are constantly changing, you’re also able to change the content within your auto-replies as often as needed. 

  • Mobile Subscription: Our great texting solutions software allows anybody with a mobile phone to subscribe to your enterprise SMS communication service. All they have to do is send a keyword. You’ll also find that you can create different groups and input separate keywords for each. By doing this, you’ll ensure that they are receiving applicable content. 
  • Data Analysis: You can use data analysis to collect multiple data points. This is the process that shows collected real-time data, customer interaction times, histories, and inactivity. 
  • Mobile and Desktop Use: SMS communication doesn’t just limit you to your smartphone. Internal users can use mobiles and desktops to respond to their customers. This feature promotes convenience for customers, but also for your employees.

Benefits of Enterprise Texting Solutions

Thanks to TextDrips, enterprise texting will never be the same again. SMS communication has proved to be more than just a tool for marketing, and it seems likely that enterprise texting will continue to flourish as a multi-faceted asset for businesses in the many years to come.
For you to flourish along with the industry, use TextDrips. We provide so many advantageous features for your business, but we also offer some tremendous benefits:

Easy Scalability: The TextDrips system has been specifically designed to handle absolutely any number of customers and users. This allows for easy and endless scalability. As your business begins to grow, SMS communications evolve within it.

Automated SMS Campaign: What better way to market than to simply not have to constantly do it? If you’re not a skilled marketer, this can be draining. But, not to worry. We’ve set you up with an easy tool for mass messaging, and auto-replies.

Technology Leverages to Lower Costs: Unlike many other marketing solutions, with SMS communication, a click of a button is all it takes to reach thousands, and automatic replies at a low cost allow you to receive quick replies.
Unlimited Subscribers: TextDrip’s subscriber limit goes as far as how many subscribers you have. Unlimited subscribes mean that the power that your business can reach is limitless.