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TextDrips is a program that allows users to connect with their clients via SMS, RVM, and Email. Our robust platform was created out of the desire to connect with more clients, in a way that converts. We know that billions of dollars are spent every year on advertising. It surprises us that people will spend money on marketing, but not answer when the phone rings. OR, they won’t know where the phone call is coming from. Knowing where your advertising dollars are being spent effectively is a necessary part of advertising because you need to be able to duplicate and scale your positive results, while eliminating poor performing ads. When we created TextDrips, our company was getting leads every single day, that oftentimes weren’t 100% ready to move forward. We knew that there was potential for profit from those leads, and didn’t want to lose the opportunity. By being able to follow up AUTOMATICALLY with those leads, you can be sure that your advertising dollars aren’t going to waste. Our number one goal is to help other small businesses access the tools that previously only large corporations had access to. 

What We Offer

Staying in touch with customers and clients gives you the control you need in your business. Custom campaigns will help you automate your business and give you more time to focus on other aspects to grow. By using our program, you can automate the follow up that has usually taken hours. Staying in front of your customers is critical to your businesses success.  

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SMS Marketing has a 98% open rate. On top of that, scheduling messages to go out at varying intervals allows you to plan campaigns to make sure you are never missing out on another opportunity.

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As someone who owns a real estate investment firm, I advertise A LOT. I soon realized that I was throwing away money. Most businesses do that in a few ways. 1. They don’t track which ads are performing. 2. They don’t have systems in place to capture calls when they come in. 3. They don’t have a system to follow up with potential and current prospects. For that reason, we created this system. 

Josh Ax


TextDrips.com Prides itself on helping business owners take back control. Using SMS, RVM, and Email to connect with your customers and clients is more important than ever. By scaling and “touching” more prospects, your business can grow.

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